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Are you a frustrated dreamer? I know I am. I often wake up with fragments of scenes echoing in my mind that seem really meaningful–but then I leap out of bed, start my morning routine, and in seconds they’re gone. …Read More

Today, Fresh Living gets schooled with a thought-provoking guest post from our intrepid and talented intern, Tufts University student Marysa Sheren.  Marysa is walking a path I know I wasn’t mature enough to attempt at her age–she’s learning to shape …Read More

Today, a guest post from friend-of-Beliefnet Erin O’Donnell (check out her migraine control tips and nutrition quiz!).  Erin spotted this juicy news item about what researchers are learning about the history of portion sizes by looking at paintings of the …Read More

Trudi Levine, a New Yorker, has been in India for 5 months, volunteering at a women’s organization in Lucknow. She recently traveled to the epicenter of Holi, the gorgeous Hindu spring festival of colors, celebrated on March 1. Here are …Read More

Integrative physician and friend of Fresh Living Dr. Shilpa Saxena explains a concept she uses in her practice: “The Walking Unwell.” Read on to learn whether you fit this category, why lab-feeling discrepancies are so common, and what you can do to emerge into wellness.

By Michael Kress Lorenzo retired. He was my barber. This is not another story about big chains squeezing out the little guy, nor is it a lament for the only person who could do justice to my hair; his shop …Read More

Today’s Foodie Friday feature is not a recipe but a lesson in feel-good foods.  Specifically, why whole grains, which we all have heard make our tummies happy, can do the same for our brains.  I had some hunches about why …Read More

We are proud to offer an extensive array of supportive features in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But as one of our authors, Lori Hope, points out in this powerful guest post, it can be difficult to be a …Read More

Welcome to a post by our guest blogger for today, Tootsie Bellittera. She wrote this funny, touching post on Facebook to honor MJ. It captures that Michael Jackson fever essence so many of us grew up with. Thought you might …Read More

Last Foodie Friday, when I posted a possible explanation for why asparagus makes our wee-wee smell funny, many of you wanted more information.  So I did what anyone should do when they’re asked a health question they’re not qualified to …Read More