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But since I plan on having a glass of champagne at midnight tonight, I’m taking on the scout’s motto “Be Prepared.” Thankfully, our friends at Chicago Healers put out this list of 4 simple natural hangover cures that will have us all feeling right as rain tomorrow as we usher in 2010.

It’s amazing how fast my hands seem to go from their usual relative suppleness to a nightmare of dry, cracking, and bright red irritation.  I can time this change almost to the minute to when the temperature first slips below …Read More

You might sometimes want to wash that man right out of your hair, but what are you putting in your hair these days?  Winter weather–read: dry city–has set in, and from scalp to tip, that can leave one’s tresses limp …Read More

You may remember that in late August, I set a challenge for myself:  wear makeup every day for a month, and see how I feel about myself, how my skin looks, and how the daily ritual might change my routine …Read More

This is the story of a Monday makeover. I do not wear makeup every day.  I work at home, for one thing, so I have no one to impress.  But I also have something of a mental makeup block:  what’s …Read More

What products do you use to wash your face?  I’m in love with the ritual of splashing warm water on my sleepy face and waking myself up with something that feels good, is good for me, and smells really pretty. …Read More

Reader Gwendolyn asked a great question in a recent comment: How do you feel about gray hair, and how do you act on those feelings?  For me, I have a deep-seated phobia of embarking on a hair-coloring regimen because it …Read More

You guys, I had something of a bust-size shocker last weekend when I went to buy a dress for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding.  At Nordstrom, I found this awesome frock, which was a perfect fit except for a missing, um, …Read More

I can almost hear the voiceover… “Are pale, stumpy, thin lashes undermining your confidence and destroying your life? Ask your doctor about Latisse to see if you have Low-Bat Syndrome (LBS). And blink your way back to life.” From an …Read More

I can’t decide how exactly to react to this Boston Globe article about how some fitness buffs are, because of skin cancer fears, keeping their workouts indoors this spring and summer. On one hand, I get it.  Members of my …Read More