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Friends, over at Theofantastique is a CFP for a proposed volume on Joss Whedon & theology: CALL FOR PAPERS Joss Whedon and Theology The works of Joss Whedon — from his hit television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and …Read More

The news is filled today with reports that Lowe’s and other major corporations have pulled advertising from the new TLC series All-American Muslim, caving to the demands of the right-wing Florida Family Association. The FFA says it is concerned that …Read More

Today on Twitter a notice flashed by about a Joel Osteen reality show, and I thought it was a joke. It’s actually not. Or if it is, it’s not intended to be. Entertainment Weekly reports that Osteen, who pastors a …Read More

When I was nineteen years old I traveled for a month in Israel as part of a college Wintersession experience. Israel is always a contentious place, but especially at that time during the height of the intifada; any naïve idealism …Read More

As part of our family’s homeschooling in American history, I’ve been revisiting the old PBS series Colonial House, in which about two dozen contemporary people recreate New England of 1628 by living for several months in a replica colony that …Read More

I’m not much of a horror film aficionado, but of course I enjoy some of the darker sci fi, like the feminist fairy tale that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So I was intrigued to pick up the new book …Read More

10:40: Settling in to eggs, toast, and pilfered Easter candy. Oh, NOW the dog wakes up. 10:48: Not only does the queen look wonderful in yellow, but it seems a symbolic choice, like she has high hopes that this union …Read More

9:41: Hey, good news!  Apparently it’s not just British women who can carry off great hats. Carrie from Ohio has a little red top hat. Ohio women like me have all been rehabilitated. Everyone, drink your tea. 9:47: Aaaaaaaw, it’s …Read More

3:37 a.m. Aaaaugh! Insomnia again. Well, at least there’s something interesting to watch on TV. Forget about my plans to TiVo the royal wedding and see it tonight. Now I will be watching with millions of other people! It’s, like, …Read More

I’ve got a post today over at The Thoughtful Christian about the enduring popularity of British class melodramas (Upstairs, Downstairs; Downton Abbey; The Cazalet Chronicles) in America. Why, in an allegedly classless society, do these stories about interclass tensions have …Read More