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This week, the cover story in the Christian Century is one I was asked to write about the “Mormon Moment” in America today, and all the attention given to the LDS faith in the wake of Broadway’s Book of Mormon …Read More

Many years ago a woman in my ward asked me to explain the theology of the Left Behind series to her. She had heard about the books’ phenomenal popularity and wanted to be sure she understood what they were teaching …Read More

Recently at my church, the regular adult Sunday School teacher was on vacation and the assigned substitute was ill. I offered to substitute and was handed a lesson plan just before I walked in to class. Obviously, there wasn’t a …Read More

It’s Mormon Monday again at Flunking Sainthood, and since I am on vacation — well, sort of; I am finishing a book — I’m pleased to point readers toward something of good report in Mormondom. Ben Spackman, a very astute …Read More

Recently my ward’s Gospel Doctrine class tackled the Book of Judges, which the LDS teacher’s manual handles in one tidy lesson, #19. “Who was Deborah?” asked the teacher. “A prophetess,” piped up our bishop’s wife, who is probably the best …Read More