Flight of the Soul
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Trust Your Intuition Allow yourself the grace available in each moment to act from the still small voice that knows. Affirm It I love and trust my life exactly as it is.   Wisdom “When I think of the infinite, […]

Keep your eyes attune to the whispers on the wind listening to what’s required for your soul’s growth. Live the Truth Flip the switch, ignite the field, walk into the brilliant light of truth. Right now. Affirm It I let […]

Step into the destiny of this moment completing your commitments with persistence and patience. It’s Not Where You Start It is Where You Finish Follow the thread of your efforts to its conclusion.   Affirm It I am blessed with […]

It is clear in the world today, in each moment, we have the opportunity to move toward love or only see illusions. Free will is a principle in the worlds of spirituality, physics and throughout the human universe in general, […]

Take the hugest step on the path to your most radiant self making Love your bottom line. Day 9 |  Let Joy and Happiness Lead the Way Don’t be fooled that how you do one thing isn’t how you do […]

In the midst of your life is a space of stillness. A space where you can hear everything that is in service to a beautiful garden of your being. Living from that space delivers a life to its purpose. Day […]

Prayers are our communications with God.  Prayers are the medium of miracles. Prayers bring us into the whispers of our hearts purpose. Prayers center us in our daily interactions with the world at large bringing us into close proximity with […]

6th Annual Mels Love Land #Next100 Day 11 on Soundcloud. A short love inspired meeting this morning remindsed me of these words spoken into the light of a new tomorrow my Martin Luther King, Jr. “I love you. I would […]

Mel talks about love and the Kindness Club, Gettysburg, September 11 and Soul Ascension. Enjoy part one of this talk ..