Flight of the Soul
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America Ferrera Ted Talks The Power of Self Love “My identity is not an obstacle — it’s my superpower,” says America Ferrera onstage at TED2019. Loving Yourself. Expanding Your Field of Possibilities and Living Authentically. Every career in the arts […]

Stand in your practice of love and feel nourished by the light within all things. Live your life as a testament and total commitment to this feeling of love, peace and justice. All I Know About Love I Learned From […]

There is a saying ‘you do not ask for too much, you ask for too little.’ ASK to be a blessing to those you meet, ask to share your gifts, ask to be the best, most loving expression of the […]

  Listen to the soul’s energies and deepen your practice of knowing you are powerful beyond measure. Next 100 | Day 62 | Soul Force  Connect to the force of your soul. Feel its unerring wisdom. Deepen your alignment. Take […]

Forgiveness offers everything necessary to experience complete peace. Forgive Everyone  Take responsibility for your part in any drama that occurs. Enable a lighten-ing of the grip of blame, leading the way to owning your place in the world allowing forgiveness […]

Each of us is here to give and to receive love, whereby in every encounter we are blessed with an opportunity to extend kindness and compassion to a brother. Don’t miss the possibilities in each moment. Miracles flow from love. […]

Don’t stay asleep for the revolution. Stand in the breech in this Land that we Love, experience the deep loving moral outrage and listen for the actions you are here to take. There is an inner light in each of us […]

In a world where you can be anything. Be kind. Be kind to yourself, and those you meet. You have a choice. Encourage success allowing others to experience the joy of what is possible in their lives. Encourage Success Words […]

Take this moment to seize the opportunity to own what you need to own, to fearlessly step into the unknown, growing into the grounded darkness of your truest self. Prepare for the Blossoms Mark TODAY to nourish the dreams of […]

HOW ARE YOU GOING TO APPROACH TODAY? See the greatness in everyone that you meet offering up Love as you go. To teach is to demonstrate and each of us has the opportunity to embody our dreams.     May […]