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A landmark Pew study on religion was released today and is being discussed far and wide. A couple things leap out of it to me that may have been downplayed elsewhere. 1. Religion is a very competitive marketplace. One in …Read More

The chatter about Obama and the Jews is likely to increase as the nomination fights heads into the final weeks. Josh Marshall reviews a number of the charges here (with more in his piece.) Here’s one: If things continue on …Read More

A debate suddenly renewed on its 500th anniversary. The world’s great museums are awash in Michelangelo drawings: the consensus among Anglo-American and Italian scholars is that there are around 800 in existence, including those of the Risen Christ and the …Read More

Is Muslim modest clothing the new killer app in track and field? A high school track star has been disqualified from a meet because officials said the custom-made outfit she wears to conform to her Muslim faith violated competition rules. …Read More

As a parent of preschool-age children, I face this all the time. But in the sacrament? The Rev. Bill Miller-Zurell was recently presiding over Communion, moving from congregant to congregant, offering the body, offering the blood, until he got to …Read More

Food critics. Movie critics. Why not sermon critics? Singing hymns and clasping hands in prayer, they look like regular church-going Christians. But the worshippers at some Sunday services in Britain definitely are not. Instead they are mostly nonbelievers paid $60 …Read More

Chris Lehmann delivers a well-informed take-down of Joel Osteen whose erudition hardly softens its wickedness. Even the sub-head is blunt: “Joel Osteen’s God really wants you to dress well, stand up straight, and get a convenient parking space.” The piece …Read More

Episcopal Life online has this story up today. Best-selling author and commentator Bruce Feiler will bring his unique world view on today’s global conflicts to Kanuga Conferences February 18-20 for its annual Bowen Conference. Drawing on extensive research and adventures …Read More

All the bloviating about the so-called “War on Christmas” just might provoke a war after all. New York mag decides to join the fray, on the anti-Christian side. Amid a welter of publicity for its supposedly anti-Christian message, The Golden …Read More

Is Chabad the future of Judaism? Some Reform and Conservatives must think so, they’re criticizing it pretty heavily these days. First some background. WHAT’S Chabad’s secret? They offer ease of entry. People taking baby steps into Jewish life are intimidated …Read More