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I’m pleased to report that many PBS stations will be begin to air all three hours of WALKING THE BIBLE with BRUCE FEILER this week. Check local listings. There’s little uniformity on PBS stations, but I know that the show …Read More

If you’re a woman of a certain age, better think twice before you down that sweet potato souffle on Thanksgiving! Or, for others I know: Better have seconds! Check out the last line of this amazing article about the Ultimate …Read More

On my flight to Greece, I read the most extraordinary article in the WSJ about a man now becoming justly popular on the Internet: Randy Pausch. At 46 years old, he’s dying of cancer and his farewell speech to his …Read More

Time for a confession. Careful readers will notice a line in WHERE GOD WAS BORN about my anxiety about leaving my new wife and traveling to Iraq in the middle of the war to visit biblical sites and continue the …Read More

My older brother’s name is Andrew. My little sister’s name is Cari. My name, of course, is Bruce. Do a little figuring, and you can see that our names are alphabetical. It was accidental, having more to do with when …Read More

I recently got into a little back-and-forth with Mrs. Feiler Faster over whether it is OK to give children iced tea. Now comes word that a teenager in Britain actually overdosed on coffee. Obviously this is an extreme example, but …Read More

If my email is any indication, I would say the use of audiobooks seems to be ticking up. Of course, like any author, I am thrilled when people read my wok in any form. But audiobooks have clear tradeoffs. On …Read More

Our instructions were to show up at the Northwest Appointment Gate at 8:55 AM on Friday morning. My parents had flown up from Georgia; Mrs. Feiler Faster and I had made our way down from New York. My Dad had …Read More

In February, I received a call from my father one day, “The president of the United States just mispronounced your name on national television.” With a little digging, I soon learned that at the end of an interview with C-SPAN …Read More

Heard last night, somewhere between Charlotte and LGA, in the seat next to me, from a very cute two-year-old , with her hands over her ears, describing as best she could what it felt like to have her ears pop. …Read More