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The chatter about Obama and the Jews is likely to increase as the nomination fights heads into the final weeks. Josh Marshall reviews a number of the charges here (with more in his piece.) Here’s one: If things continue on …Read More

I’m pleased to report that many PBS stations will be begin to air all three hours of WALKING THE BIBLE with BRUCE FEILER this week. Check local listings. There’s little uniformity on PBS stations, but I know that the show …Read More

The American press, predictably, is portraying the summit in Annapolis in strictly Bush v. Clinton terms. Clinton got engaged and failed, Bush is not getting engaged… and will also fail. It’s doomed to failure without outside pressure. I’m not sure …Read More

Just in time for Annapolis, a new coalition of liberal Jewish groups tries to reclaim grown long-since lost to the anti-peace crowd in Israel.

I was asked recently to wade into the debate over The Israel Lobby, the controversial book about the influence of the Christian- and Jewish- fueled Washington lobby the supports the State of Israel (and is also said to have fueled …Read More

As the discussion on Beliefnet the last week suggests, the Religious Right clearly seems to be a definitional moment in the United States. Part of it is the parade of sex scandals in recent months. Part of it is the …Read More

While we’re on the topic of the Holocaust, a group of Jews is reenacting the Exodus from France 60 years ago in one of the more embarrassing bungled attempts by the British to maintain harmony in Palestine. The episode was …Read More

Dick Cheney’s comments over the weekend that Iran would face “serious consequences” for its nuclear actions — the same words he used in advance of the war in Iraq — faced a quick smackdown from the new chairman of the …Read More

I’m back from the Aegean and brief stops in Athens (my first), the islands of Hydra, Mykonos (above), and Rhodes, as well as Marmaris, Turkey. I was on board a yacht with around fifty real estate professionals and their spouses …Read More

A race for the gutter in Washington this week, as United States congressmen trip over themselves to stoke the flames of the religious wars. So a question: Who is a greater threat to America’s security, AIPAC, which Democratic Congressman Jim …Read More