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If you’re a woman of a certain age, better think twice before you down that sweet potato souffle on Thanksgiving! Or, for others I know: Better have seconds! Check out the last line of this amazing article about the Ultimate […]

The biggest crisis in the entertainment business that you’ve never heard of, and may not even care about, is the crisis of finding circus acts. This problem has fascinated me since my year as a circus clown some years back. […]

I’ve wanted to try this restaurant in Chicago ever since my friends at GOURMET announced last October that it was the best in the country. Now, a devastating article explaining how its master chef has tongue cancer: A year after […]

When I went to Iraq a few years ago for WHERE GOD WAS BORN, I drove from the Garden of Eden and Abraham’s birthplace in the extreme south of the country to Nimrod and Nineveh in the extreme north. Now, […]

I recently got into a little back-and-forth with Mrs. Feiler Faster over whether it is OK to give children iced tea. Now comes word that a teenager in Britain actually overdosed on coffee. Obviously this is an extreme example, but […]

An important milestone in my house last night as Mrs. Feiler Faster kindly admitted that I’ve been predicting the backsplash against bottled water for over a year now. No use linking to all the posts I’ve made about this subject. […]

The wonders of the blogosphere being what they are, a huge debate has erupted over at a post I made last week called “Steak Mate,” about women who eat meat to help catch a man. Here are some my favorites: […]

I confess that back when I first started dating Mrs. Feiler Faster I was wholly turned off by the fish-and-salad routine at dinner. Okay, fine, I get that people don’t eat meat for all sorts of valid reasons, but I […]

The backsplash is growing! PepsiCo Inc. will spell out that its Aquafina bottled water is made with tap water, a concession to the growing environmental and political opposition to the bottled water industry. According to Corporate Accountability International, a U.S. […]

The bottled-water bottlers must be feeling the heat. For newcomers to Feiler Faster, I’ve been on something of a tirade against the addiction many Americans have to bottled water. And it’s not just because Mrs. Feiler Faster is one of […]