A Fear of Whales
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Introduction Games are just a fact of life when you meet as many new people as regularly as I do. It seems like just about every month I’m in a new circle telling people my name rank and serial number, […]

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One of my students recently put up a Blog Post. I’d love to link it here, but considering what I’m going to say about it I think I had better not for fear of inciting a flame war. Suffice it […]

I go to a post-contemporary service at a Presbyterian church…. I realize that’s a little odd, but I'm going to have to suggest that you get used to it because it’s one of the less paradoxical aspects of my walk… […]

So Ash Wednesday was this last Wednesday… that can only mean one thing! It’s Lent. Happy Lent Everyone!!! …Can I say that? …Sad lent?….Contemplative lent? I really don’t know. Either way it’s lent, and that’s what I’m going to talk […]