A Fear of Whales
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Introduction Games are just a fact of life when you meet as many new people as regularly as I do. It seems like just about every month I’m in a new circle telling people my name rank and serial number, …Read More

In case you needed a reminder that our battle is not against flesh and blood…

Tonight I ran the PowerPoint for the Musical Worship at camp. We have a slideshow with all the words to the worship songs set up on a computer, churches often need a person (or trained monkey) to accomplish the very …Read More

There is a delightfully geeky young girl I know who left a status on facebook several months ago which I took note of. It has persisted in my memory as one of my all time favorite status updates. It said: …Read More

Have you guys seen this video yet? It’s the one of the bully getting a taste of his own medicine. . I’m interested to hear what you all think. Obviously the bully got what was coming to him, but from …Read More

I love the doing Greek word studies. Sometimes I think I even αγάπη it. Or perhaps it’s more of an Ἔρως…It’s sexy, I dig it. I like big bibles and I cannot lie. And I love that I get to …Read More

If you follow the blog and have been reading along you’ll have heard all about how our behavior as Christians mimics Zombies in the sense that we both don’t mean any harm as we mindlessly attempt to assimilate people. And …Read More

All Last Week I’ve been talking about zombies. And i wonder if some of you aren’t wondering if I’ve been a bit melodramatic. “Ryan” you might be thinking “I’m sorry you’ve run into a couple people who seem to want …Read More

Yesterday I wrote about a rising tide in Christianity that resembles the behavior of Zombies. many Christians think that doubt, rationality, and booksmarts are all worldly, and by extension “bad” And they want you to join them in this level …Read More

It’s clear to me where Christ stands on the scale of Alignment he is obviously Neutral Good, The same alignment as Dirty Harry, the same as Spiderman, Luke Skywalker, The Boondock Saints, and The Doctor. Jesus cares about others more …Read More