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A friend introduced me to someone recently and he asked “Oh, Is this the guy with the Liberal Blog?” …yeah that’s me   It makes sense that I would come off that way. I generally write to an audience that …Read More

“Someday I’d love to take a road trip with no predetermined destination.” “I’ve been meaning to see that movie, It’s on my list” “One of these days I’ll go back and finish college” “I wish knew how to dance”   …Read More

After camp I drove a couple of my students back home to Kansas. It was good to have the time with the three of them to engage and hear about camp from their perspective. As a ministry we always try …Read More

The head of our Inner-City Mission Project is named Gerry Gerry is a great old man, very wise and very neurotic, a few months ago at a staff conference I sat down with him for breakfast. “Where did you get …Read More

The staff gathered the other night, a night before the students arrived and debriefed and hung out. At one point one of the staff asked the room full of people about a situation that had arisen. Apparently the pool at …Read More

I don’t know why, but over the history of this Blog, my articles dating and relationships have consistently gotten the most attention. I’ve had other articles which I thought were better or more interesting, I’ve had articles that were more …Read More

All Last Week I’ve been talking about zombies. And i wonder if some of you aren’t wondering if I’ve been a bit melodramatic. “Ryan” you might be thinking “I’m sorry you’ve run into a couple people who seem to want …Read More

Yesterday I wrote about a rising tide in Christianity that resembles the behavior of Zombies. many Christians think that doubt, rationality, and booksmarts are all worldly, and by extension “bad” And they want you to join them in this level …Read More

So I have a confession. I’ve been watching the show “Reaper” on The CW. I know, I know, guys like me aren’t supposed to watch formulaic pulp comedies like Reaper, We’re supposed to be reading stuff and watching NOVA reruns… …Read More

"They called me Mr. Fun" said Mick, as he sat there on stage. We all understood what he meant, periodically the community would need something to break the tension or the monotony, a game, or a joke, maybe a song. …Read More