A Fear of Whales
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There’s a lunch I go to when I can at another ministry house on campus. They gather to eat mostly organic local food, and It’s free, so win/win! But the Spiritual Director had hoped it would foster just a bit …Read More

It seems to be a common problem in Christendom that we feel like we are stuck waiting. It’s not a problem I am at all unfamiliar with At one point in my life I was waiting for a church to …Read More

The head of our Inner-City Mission Project is named Gerry Gerry is a great old man, very wise and very neurotic, a few months ago at a staff conference I sat down with him for breakfast. “Where did you get …Read More

Last night I came downstairs at camp to find two girls talking “What are you talking about?” “We’re talking about proclamations of faith” “Oh cool, have you come to any sorts of conclusions?” One of the girls, Allie, responded after …Read More

If you’ve been reading for any length of time it should not surprise you that I’m something of a rule breaker. I believe that Jesus was Neutral Good not Lawful Neutral and I also care about rules only in so …Read More

I don’t have a good testimony. Most people hate it when I say that, but it’s really true. Some people have awesome testimonies and some peoples testimonies are boring like mine. The great testimony goes something like this: “I was …Read More

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One of my favorite things about by job as a campus minister is it’s amorphous nature. Between ministering, fund raising, networking, and personal development it is very difficult to find an activity that I might participate in which is not …Read More

People often ask me what an "average day" looks like for me as a minister at KSU. My answer is always the same, "there's no such thing" In the field, every day is different, and in the line of service …Read More

I want to talk a bit about some f***ing profanity. I feel strange doing it. I find myself asking “Really? This is the most important thing to talk about right now?” But I honestly think it is. Not as an …Read More