ABC has announced it’s fall schedule.  The new shows (details here) seem to offer some glimmer of hope that the era of TV’s forced edginess is beginning to give way to lighter-hearted, less-nasty fare.  I hope so. Here’s the night-by-night rundown (new shows in CAPS), followed by my comments and suggestions regarding other scheduling choices…

Catholic Bill O’Reilly takes on liberal Catholics over concept of “distributive justice.” Why do some liberals seem to  feel its okay to use religion to argue in favor of their  political positions but find it chilling when conservatives do so? The truth is we all bring our personal moral standards (often formed out of religious…

Faith takes novel approach to Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandals. I’m in the middle of a very interesting new book (due out today, in fact) about the McGanns, a fictional Boston-based Catholic family for whom the scandals in the Church really hit home. When Sheila McGann’s half brother Fr. Art Breen finds himself accused, she…

Movie Review:  There Be Dragons tells a riveting story of the Catholic Church literally under fire. Synopsis: A journalist working on a biography of  the late Spanish priest (and Opus Dei founder) Josemaría Escrivá as he is considered canonization discovers a disconcerting story involving his own father. In a fictionalized saga revealed to the audience…

John W. Kennedy

John W. Kennedy

John W. Kennedy is the founder and Dir. of Development of The Creative Universe Entertainment™, a media consultation and development company focusing on the creation, development and support of high-quality mainstream entertainment that upholds positive timeless values, including trust in God.

Current projects include "Bryant Park" (an uplifting romantic-comedy) and "Photo Finish" (an award-winning sci-fi TV pilot). He has written over 100 children's novels based on episodes of the Cartoon Network series "Ben 10", "Ben 10: Alien Force", "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien", "Ben 10: Omniverse" and "Generator Rex" among others. He also writes Beliefnet’s "Faith, Media & Culture" blog.

Previously, he has produced successful news and talk programming for CNN, Fox News, Pax TV and SiriusXM.

Specialties: Script Writing, Movie/TV Novelizations & Adaptations, TV Content Creation and Development, Creative Consultation, Producing and Booking News and Talk shows.

He can be reached for writing, producing and consulting services at 516-640-1182.

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