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I live in rural America. Really rural. A quick glance through the local newspaper told me it was “Movie and Cinnamon Bun night at Kellogg School” last night. So, off we went to Kellogg School in the nearest Hamlet of […]

Zen Dogs and other Woofs is a 42 page booklet with a collection of blogs and articles to inspire the soul. Click image below to purchase and enjoy reading.

For Talks at Google, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin said, “The brain is very good at self-delusion, that’s one thing it’s very good at.” (minute 6:30) Levitin addressed the delusion of multitasking. It’s a myth, he said. The brain can’t multitask because […]

Read “Giving Voice to Quiet,” from The Daily Star newspaper, Oneonta, NY Store-bought frozen chicken-nuggets and tater-tots. That was our Thanksgiving dinner, year 2000. Carrying the bagged meal, my husband, our two daughters, and I mucked our way through deep […]

I look at the lilies outside my window and wonder how I can be that peaceful and beautiful without saying a word or doing anything but being. Song of Solomon 2:2 ESV 2 As a lily among brambles,     so is my […]

When working on the 6th edition of 21st Century Science and Health, this sentence was revealed: “Faith, advanced to understanding, gains evidence of Spirit.” I think, human beings have faith, whether religious or not. We have faith is something, even […]

Many of us make lists. We read in The Message, “God, who gets invited to dinner at your place? How do we get on your guest list?” Ps. 15:1 I can interpret this to mean, invite yourself! We can invite our […]

In America, is a 2002 film. Key script was when the wife told her husband, after enduring hard times that life seems like make believe, so believe you’re happy. It was an interesting movie that presented a decent father/husband figure.

It is really very simple to keep life from getting boring. We have the capacity to think new thoughts. God is the source of ongoing and infinite thought. For the last seven years or so, I’ve been eating a salad […]

Because I live in northeastern United States, I’m now surrounded by snow. Last week, in one day, three feet of snow fell. I still go on my daily walks and come across creeks where water is running. It moves quick […]