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As the decade winds to an end, it’s natural for us all to look back at the years behind us. Last night I shared a drink with a friend and reminisced about Y2K. I thought back to the friends I […]

This comes to no surprise to those of you who have heard various versions of my emphatic utterances “I’m in no shape to have or raise a baby right now thank ye very much,” but I must say I’m fairly […]

Holly Rossi over at Fresh Living asks a question in her post, When Should You Confront a Smoker? A great question in my opinion, and it got me thinking. My dad was, quite simply, the definition of a chain-smoker. And he […]

Time for the holiday shopping frenzy! Unless, of course, you’re one of the crazy folk who checked shopping off their holiday to-do list back in August. (You know who you are, and I just don’t like you sometimes.) I’ve culled […]

I’ve been following’s “Killings At The Canal: The Army Tapes,” an investigation into the circumstances leading up to, and following, the premeditated murder of four Iraqis in 2007. I suppose I’ve been waiting for my lightbulb moment when I […]

Goshdarnnit, Hillary…your oblications and holiday survival tips post puts me in the position of bad angel. Nonetheless, I gladly pick up the horns and pitchfork to make my personal pitch for skipping oblications for…self-gratification vacations?  A few years ago I had […]

NBC is starting its 3rd annual Green Week this Sunday to promote, you guessed it, greener lifestyles via green-themed content throughout their programming. Kudos to NBC for its efforts, but I tend to agree with this blogger on Chicago Now […]

Apparently, 3 of our favorite GG characters both know exactly what a threesome is and will be taking part in one this Monday. Time for sweeps week, people, and making money the old-fashioned way — the promotion of promiscous teens!

Case in point, Rihanna’s interview with Diane Sawyer, which airs tomorrow on 20/20. I was one of probably millions who Googled the five-minute Good Morning America clip from this morning. Personally, I am happy that she is taking her experience and letting something positive come out of it–whether or not you or I value her role in society, she does play an important role to young women everywhere. And if Rihanna speaking about her involvement in this sad situation helps one girl get out of a similar situation, amen to that.

Wal-Mart seems to be playing a much larger part in our blog than usual lately, but apparently that’s where all the news happens.  Actually, the incident I’m referring to in this case actually occurred three years ago, but the trial […]