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Coca-cola has been accused of “propping up a notorious Swaziland dictator” whose human rights abuses and bilking of the national wealth has long been criticized by human rights activists. According to Guardian UK reporter David Smith**, Swaziland’s King Mswati III …Read More

This comes to no surprise to those of you who have heard various versions of my emphatic utterances “I’m in no shape to have or raise a baby right now thank ye very much,” but I must say I’m fairly …Read More

Ever wondered whether you’re speaking different languages (or inhabiting different planets) when you’re trying to communicate with a particular coworker-who-shall-not-be-named? Ever felt like tearing your hair out (or theirs) every time you’re forced to cooperate with a certain so-and-so on …Read More

When I ran the idea for this post by Paddy, she snorted and said, “Ha, do people really?” And I mumbled something like, “Er, I’m sure some unethical crumb bums must.” (Skip work on their birthdays, that is.) Truth is, …Read More

First off, don’t do what I did. I think I have mentioned the mean boss I once had. Well, after several months of being browbeat, the day came when I couldn’t take it another minute.  What’d I do? I literally …Read More

Studies show something like 60% of employees have stolen from the place where they work. Whether it’s something little like a box of paperclips or a Post-It pad, or something big like that awesome ergonomic chair the boss is always swiveling …Read More

Ass. U. Me.  Mostly me. This week I made a jerk of myself when, all impatient, I emailed a clothing company to which I had returned a couple pairs of jeans, wanting to know where my refund was. Now, I …Read More

I get tired of always ragging on people for ethical faux pas. Sometimes I want to focus on what folks are doing right. So today I’m inaugurating a new feature: “Moral Monday.” From now on, on Mondays (whenever possible) we’re …Read More

I was just on my way out the door, rushed for time as usual, when the phone rang. Caller ID said, “000-000-0000.” I had a pretty good idea who it’d be (in a general sense) but I was expecting a …Read More

I’ve coveted the Kindle since Amazon first came out with them. My apartment is overflowing with books, and I’m forced to carry an ENORMOUS purse to and fro because I refuse to leave the house without a book. I literally don’t …Read More