I, who think on Halloween so fondly, savoring everything from its sugary overload to its creepy crawly costumyness, have today crossed a line into fuddy-duddery that I never dreamed would come to pass. That's right. When our doorbell rang, I hid from the trick or treaters.

I’ve weighed the question of whether we should be held accountable for the failings of our friends, I’ve raked myself over the coals for my unethical shoving-morals-down-throat technique when it comes to family — now, I wonder, is it wrong to simply phase a friend out because they’ve done something you find reprehensible?  I’m not…

For those whose morbid curiosity is driving them to take a peek at Michael Jackson's autopsy pictures, I say, if you must look, keep a moment of pity in your heart. Keep a spark of humanity in your mind. One day it will be you on the cold slab.

“I bet this is a learning incident.”  This is a quote from West Contra Costa Unified School District spokesman Marin Trujillo, in regards to the gang rape that occurred on school grounds after a homecoming dance. I actually felt chilled as I read this account — gang rape of anyone, let alone a teenage girl…

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