Ending Self-Sabotage
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We all know that certain things like money, toys, and status do not provide deep soul satisfaction. Yet, most of us spend our lives in hot pursuit of these things and rarely pause to reevaluate. Why? And how do we […]

You cannot let go of what you don’t realize you are hanging onto. Perhaps this is why so many of us appear to be attached to negativity in the past. It’s a difficult thing to acknowledge. Most of us want […]

On your path of spiritual growth, it’s important to know what you’re up against. A nearly universal obstacle to inner peace and productivity is the inner critic. The inner critic doesn’t care who you are or what you have done. […]

When you tip the scale on January 2nd, 2015, what number do you want to see? Your current weight plus 10-15 pounds? I didn’t think so. The problem is, so many of us succumb to the desire for immediate, temporary […]

Some people honestly believe that they are more talented, intelligent or creative than they actually are. Since they are certain this is true, they often assert this self-assured knowledge as fact when engaging in discussions with others. A new study […]

A self-sabotaging habit is a consistent action that takes you in the straight into the jaws of misery. Knowing this, you’d think all of us would simply stop. Yet, experience with clients and in my own life is evidence that […]

Many personal issues that plague us might make better sense if we realized up front that, deep down, we believe we deserve to be punished. And our various emotions ills and problem behaviors serve that purpose. If we approached things […]

It’s the one principle that all spiritual and non-spiritual disciplines share: Healing occurs from the inside out. But how do you do it? The hardest part is squaring yourself what the fact that you’ve got issue. This is difficult for […]

Mike Bundrant is Co-Founder of the iNLP Center for NLP training and personal development. What would you rather do? 1.    Let go something important (like a career, marriage or friendship). 2.    Remain committed to something that causes you ongoing pain? […]

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center for personal development. You’re driving through a foreign city, feeling a little lost or ungrounded amongst all the unfamiliar scenery…. Suddenly, you see your favorite big brand chain restaurant. You somehow feel a […]