Ending Self-Sabotage
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You cannot let go of what you don’t realize you are hanging onto. Perhaps this is why so many of us appear to be attached to negativity in the past. It’s a difficult thing to acknowledge. Most of us want […]

Some people honestly believe that they are more talented, intelligent or creative than they actually are. Since they are certain this is true, they often assert this self-assured knowledge as fact when engaging in discussions with others. A new study […]

Mike Bundrant is Co-Founder of the iNLP Center for NLP training and personal development. What would you rather do? 1.    Let go something important (like a career, marriage or friendship). 2.    Remain committed to something that causes you ongoing pain? […]

Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center for personal development. Communication is the cornerstone to keeping an intimate relationship strong and healthy. However, many couples find the lines of communication come to a complete halt during times of disagreement […]