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Please tell everyone you know: friends, Church members, co-workers, believers and unbelievers!  “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer,” my new book and documentary feature film on the prayer, with an unprecedented inner-view of Orthodox monasticism has an abbreviated public TV version …Read More

I’ll be in Chicago this evening, Thursday, April 14th at 7pm at the Pickwick Theater, Park Ridge, IL., for a screening of my film, “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer,” a Benefit for Saint Iakovos Retreat Center.  For tickets: call The Metropolis …Read More

In case you have not yet joined our spiritual journey, traveling to ancient lands of Egypt, Mt. Sinal, Greece, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia — for our upcoming feature film and book, Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer (click here to …Read More

I want to applaud you for staying with me through the entire Give-Back Diet.  This is a special day.  I don’t think of it as an end, I think of it as a continuation, or a new beginning – this …Read More

Here we are in the last stretch of the “Give-Back Diet.”  It’s the 54th day of 56 in total.  I’m taking the next few remaining days to encourage you to keep doing what you’ve been doing!  If you haven’t started, …Read More

Hello, and welcome!  Here’s a special message video I made for you, this 46th day of the “Give-Back Diet” program. Today, I want to encourage and inspire you to think of ways you can enjoy yourself, find comfort, and connection …Read More

It’s Saint Valentine’s Day (and Nate’s 18th Birthday), and the 41st loving day of the Give-Back Diet!  Congratulations!  Feel the love!  I feel so happy I want to dance!  Will YOU dance with me? Yes, I’ll freely admit it’s silly.  …Read More

As we move another day forward, this the 34th Day since the beginning of the Give-Back Diet, I want to convince you of the joys of yoga. Yoga is a Sankrit word for “union.”  It all about making connections with …Read More

It’s the 9th day of our “Give-Back Diet” program, the continuation of a new week together to help each other “give-back” to pounds, lose weight and get healthier.  If this is your first day, welcome.  If you’re continuing, welcome again …Read More

Out with the old, in with the new!  Do YOU have a New Year’s Resolution, or need for the New Year? Have you lost weight, or are you enjoying better health?  Do you need to lose weight, feel better, get …Read More