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It’s not just how much we eat, it’s WHAT we eat that affects our weight.  Those who eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains gain less weight, and maintain weight loss better than those who eat a lot of carbohydrates, …Read More

I’ve written about gastric bypass surgery before.  I’m against it — it’s dangerous!  You hear a lot about the wonders of drastic, dramatic weight loss from it, and see ads for it all over, but what you don’t hear are …Read More

It happened again.  Much to your better judgment.  All the “willpower” went out the door in favor of deep-fried everything.  Sauces.  Mayonnaise.  Fat.  Sugar.  Desserts.  Late night snacks.  My, oh my. What to do now? — don’t give up— know …Read More

Every time, before you eat, take a moment to be silent. Close your eyes if you like, or just fix your attention on a neutral object or point. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Think about your body and that …Read More

The last few days, I’ve been writing about a good friend who I visited last weekend.  She’s such a lovely, kind person.  Lots of fun, too.  Lately, though, she’s not her usual self. She’s been on a very strict diet.  …Read More

“As you think you become,” said Descartes.  “To think is to create,” is another variation.  I know that’s true.  Rhonda Burne in “The Secret” gathered a bunch of experts, and they said it too – calling the power of mind, …Read More

Trying to lose weight, but the pounds are not dropping?  Dieting to get rid of some excess fat, but despite your great efforts, you are not losing weight?  Don’t worry, help is here.  Try my tips for weight loss plateaus …Read More

With my Joy of Weight Loss Plan, and with God guiding your food choices, it’s true you can have anything you want, as long as it’s just one serving, and a reasonable size.  Anything you crave you should have, in moderation. Perhaps …Read More

I think I told you, it was my birthday recently.  I was treated to not one, but several really nice celebration meals — some homemade; a few at restaurants.  I was given chocolates!  Cake!  Ice cream!  I thoroughly enjoyed them, …Read More

A great way to understand what’s going on in your life, in your habits and actions, thoughts and needs, is to write about it. Keep a journal or diary. Write what you’re thinking and doing. Talk on paper about what …Read More