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As we wrap up our holiday shopping, let me give those last-minute shoppers (like myself) a good gift tip.  This one is really easy, involves no trips to stores, or parking.  You don’t even need to shop online. Best of …Read More

I’ve heard in ancient times, that the Christmas tree came about after people hung lights on trees, so that spiritual wanderers could find their way home on Christmas eve.  Or something like that. For me, I have a lot of …Read More

Are you angry, disappointed, upset, or wish you could change someone close to you?  Have you gotten engaged in an argument, heated debate or power-struggle with a family member or close friend? If so, you may be harboring some resentments …Read More

I was reminded this morning about the importance of being human. Our washing machine was not working right, and my wife said there was a “burning smell.”  I had tested it, and sure enough, the agitator wasn’t turning.  The clothes …Read More

I went to a wonderful church in Indiana yesterday, and there was a hymn “God is Able.”  The choir was heavenly, and the soloist fantastic.  The lyrics spoke of God being able to move mountains, solve all troubles, and help …Read More

Did you see the Oprah season premiere show?  The first one of her last season?  It was pretty cool. It was all about her “ultimate viewers.”  The people who have watched the Oprah show for 24+ years.  She invited a …Read More

If you were among those who overate this past weekend, no problem.  Just get back to normal, and learn from the experience. Ask yourself what drove you to overeat?  Was it because you were with friends and decided to indulge …Read More

I find that many people who struggle with overweight and obesity, also have problems that are connected with relationships.  Many clients of mine of the years have reported being very lonely, or in difficult relationships, either with their spouse or …Read More

Here we are right now, together.  This is the best moment of our lives – right here – right now!  What are you doing as you read this?  Please post a comment and let me, and our other friends know. …Read More

Sometimes people say things that are plain upsetting.  I am easily upset, too, because I’m a very sensitive guy from being criticized, devalued and squelched for a good part of my formative years. That’s why when yesterday at lunch I …Read More