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There’s much talk about cellphones and a rare form of cancer, a brain tumor named glioma.  This cellphone and cancer concern has been recently prompted by the World Health Organization putting cellphones on a “possibly carcinogenic” list.  Is there cause …Read More

I had the pleasure and honor of delivering this past Sunday’s sermon at the Second Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana. At that wonderful service, the angelic choir sang “Yes, God is Able.” That got me thinking! Yes, God is always …Read More

ABC News reports that Oscar winning actress, Natalie Portman, has started eating eggs and dairy, now that she is pregnant.  Portman, once known for selling “vegan shoes” now claims that she was “listening to my body,” and giving into cravings. …Read More

I’m delighted to read this morning that General Electric is investing heavily in manufacturing solar energy panels. The New York Times reports that GE is set to make a major announcement today, April 7th, that they are opening a giant …Read More

Every time, before you eat, take a moment to be silent. Close your eyes if you like, or just fix your attention on a neutral object or point. Take a few slow, deep breaths. Think about your body and that …Read More

“If you refuse to go shopping, you’re stuck!” says Dr. Phyllis Mendel in my “Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss” video. What I think she means is that if you depend on restaurants, fast food joints, or snack bars for all …Read More

You will find great joy and happiness if you can overcome the inertia, get up, and be active on a daily basis. If you stand aside and watch the world go by, you will be left behind! It doesn’t matter …Read More

Yesterday, I honored your dedication and how you are careful with your eating.  Today, I want to honor your physical being. You may not be so happy with the body you’re in – but let’s find out what s good …Read More

Today I would like to feature a guest blog by a talented, sensitive, compassionate author, speaker and personal coach, Kanta Bosniak.  Full disclosure, she’s my sister-in-law.  I’m so proud of her and the excellent work she does. ___________ by Kanta …Read More

Science has known for decades that obesity is a contributing factor to heart and cardiovascular diseases, and for certain cancers.  Now, there’s a new study that links waist size to higher risk for death. The medical journal, Archives of Internal …Read More