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Making a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight, diet, exercise, save money, etc., again? I encourage you to just be sensible and moderate this year, and perhaps not go on a crash New Year’s Diet or radical new program.  Simple […]

As we wrap up our holiday shopping, let me give those last-minute shoppers (like myself) a good gift tip.  This one is really easy, involves no trips to stores, or parking.  You don’t even need to shop online. Best of […]

I went to a wonderful church in Indiana yesterday, and there was a hymn “God is Able.”  The choir was heavenly, and the soloist fantastic.  The lyrics spoke of God being able to move mountains, solve all troubles, and help […]

Can you believe it?  The  “E.T.” movie premiered – June 11, 1982, some 28 years ago!  Where were you, what were you doing, and how did it affect you? I remember loving the “E.T.” movie.  It was the first time […]

Try this meditation today. It’s very peaceful. Do it BEFORE you overeat. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Focus your mind’s attention on your breathing: in and out, in and out. Do this for as long as you can. End […]

Here’s a helpful, inspiring idea for your day, today.  Instead of seeing what’s wrong, see what’s right.  Further, try to see love present all around you. As you come into contact with people, turn negative first impressions around.  Think about […]

Who got kicked off American idol may 12?  I did not write about the American Idol performance program the other night, as I thought it is just too tricky to predict who will be sent home.  Last week I was […]

I want to wish every mother a very happy Mother’s Day, not just today but everyday.  I want to honor my mother every day!  Moms are the best, aren’t they? Thank God for moms. Without our mothers we would be […]

A day for prayer is really good, but I believe and practice that everyday is a day of prayer!  Let me add International to National Day of Prayer while I’m at it.  It’s controversial; just look at the Franklin Graham […]

I have started a tradition!  As an American Idol fan (shucks, I admit it), I’m having a great time predicting the American Idol results week-after-week.  You’re very kind to play along, or suffer through — whichever American Idol camp you […]