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We were treated to the news the other day that Lindsay Lohan, the 24 year-old actress who has been in and out of rehab treatment, is out again from the Betty Ford Clinic, according to Radar and TMZ.  We also …Read More

We’ve had a great time this year decorating our Christmas tree, and our home.  I’ve also been enjoying hearing about how other families decorate their trees.  But on the Conan show the other night – the most amazing decorations ever …Read More

My wonderful wife, Catherine Stine, author and book blogger herself, loves to watch TV shows where women talk. A big fan of “The View” for years, she’s now also into “The Talk.” Frankly, I’m not so talkative or into hearing …Read More

Did you see the Oprah season premiere show?  The first one of her last season?  It was pretty cool. It was all about her “ultimate viewers.”  The people who have watched the Oprah show for 24+ years.  She invited a …Read More

Here’s a challenge that will help you lose weight, and get healthier. SPEND TIME WATCHING LESS TV TONIGHT Go for a walk instead, or play a game of simple sports like tossing a ball, or whirling a hula-hoop. Go for a …Read More

We saw the new movie, Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio last night – prompted by the family.  The trailers didn’t look so interesting to me, but I thought Inception was excellent. Being someone who dreams a lot every night, with sometimes …Read More

OK, I can’t keep it to myself any longer. Our world’s obsession with scandal is over the top.  I have heard enough! Why are we so preoccupied with scandal, negativity, hatred and salaciousness? Why is the alcoholic telephone rage of …Read More

Did you see any news reports of the annual Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest yet?  Here’s one, from New York Daily News. The champion was Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, 26, who downed 54 hot dogs in 10 minutes!  He …Read More

Did you happen to catch the premiere of ABC Family’s “Huge?”  It’s pretty interesting: it’s a drama about teenage angst and social experimentation, the location is “Camp Victory” a fat camp.  This is one of the now many TV programs …Read More

Can you believe it?  The  “E.T.” movie premiered – June 11, 1982, some 28 years ago!  Where were you, what were you doing, and how did it affect you? I remember loving the “E.T.” movie.  It was the first time …Read More