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From time-to-time I invite guests to write on my blog.  Today, I’d like you to hear from Kanta Bosniak, a very experienced coach and talented author. We’ve both lost lots of weight with God’s help, and a lot of visual, …Read More

It’s summer, and it’s hot. Record-setting heat waves are cropping up all over, and earlier than ever. Time for some chilly relief in the form of ice cream! That sends chills through my spine, the thought of ice cream. Chills …Read More

Here are some quick tips and ideas for healthier summer meals, either on the go, or at home. — Avoid carbohydrates.  Have your protein on lettuce leaves, in a salad, or by itself. — Order a sandwich without the bun, …Read More

It’s almost summer and we are on the run with vacations, weekend retreats, parties and even relaxing “stay-cations” at home. While it’s tempting to lower the boundaries and let temptations rule — why deal with a lot of post-party guilt …Read More

It’s summer, and it sure is hot already. It’s tempting to grab a sugary soda, or big can or glass of high-calorie juice for refreshment and hydration. These drinks may be cold but they don’t do the job as well …Read More

At first when Representative Anthony Weiner of New York said in countless interviews that his Twitter account had been hacked, and that the now infamous underwear photos “could not be confirmed,” I didn’t really care. It all seemed sort of …Read More

A cool delicious drink, with plenty of vitamins,minerals, and not so many calories, carbs, or fat is the glorioussmoothie.  Surely you’ve had one. If not–you’re in for a majortreat–that won’t be self-destructive, either.You can make smoothies at home if you …Read More

A new nutrition campaign has arrived from the USDA with new food guidelines, including a replacement for the old USDA Food Guide Pyramid: an official new set of U.S. Dietary Guidelines.  It was unveiled on June 2nd – a colorful …Read More

I had the pleasure and honor of delivering this past Sunday’s sermon at the Second Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana. At that wonderful service, the angelic choir sang “Yes, God is Able.” That got me thinking! Yes, God is always …Read More