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It’s the worse feeling to be unmotivated! No one likes to be a slacker! “I know I should do better at my job, but I just don’t feel very motivated.” “My wife is bugging me to work on my anger and I know …Read More

There is always one toxic coworker that makes you crazy. It doesn’t seem to matter where you work. It could be that guy who always takes credit for other peoples’ work or goes behind your back and is passive-aggressive. Or how …Read More

Gen Z (born 1995 -2007) is now entering the workplace and the way they approach things may surprise you. Forbes ran an article written by Remy Blumenfeld that is helpful in understanding the psyche of this group of new workers. In …Read More

My boss is an introvert. I am an extrovert. We are very different in our approaches to problems and life. For example, when there is conflict, I want to work it out immediately. I want to turn up the volume on …Read More

When companies are hiring, they look for people with high potential. When was the last time you were given a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test to see how well you might perform on the job? Lots of companies use this test, …Read More

I looked at my colleague who used to feel passion and excitement for her job. Now, all she can do is make it through the day. Something has changed. She is disconnected and flat in her conversations. She has all …Read More

Naomi could not get out of bed for work one day. Her motivation was gone. She was burnt out! It happens to far too many people and we need to look at why. One idea is that your personality could be a …Read More

Do you find yourself lacking passion for your work? Do you get up every morning and think, it’s another day, another paycheck? You have no excitement, no energy. It’s just a job! If so, it may be time to think. about how …Read More

“She’s so likable. I’d work with her any day.” What a great sentiment to hear from a co-worker. Likability is a trait that creates success in life. And you can boost that likability by intentionally doing a few things. First, begin with eye …Read More

We all know one or two people who are passive aggressive. You know, those people who seem to comply or act appropriately to your face, but are negative and passively resist whatever it is you want them to do. They make excuses for …Read More