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Do you find yourself lacking passion for your work? Do you get up every morning and think, it’s another day, another paycheck? You have no excitement, no energy. It’s just a job! If so, it may be time to think. about how […]

“She’s so likable. I’d work with her any day.” What a great sentiment to hear from a co-worker. Likability is a trait that creates success in life. And you can boost that likability by intentionally doing a few things. First, begin with eye […]

We all know one or two people who are passive aggressive. You know, those people who seem to comply or act appropriately to your face, but are negative and passively resist whatever it is you want them to do. They make excuses for […]

How many times this week have you cringed when you heard a comment by a leader? Whether it is politics, media, bosses or community leaders, most of us easily recognize bad leaders. But what is it that we look for to determine […]

Jack was passed over for a promotion. When he asked why, his boss said, “You have trouble making decisions in the face of uncertainty. I need someone whose emotions won’t cloud their judgment. Someone who is willing to move forward […]

Awhile ago, I read an interesting article in Business Insider that addressed habits and mistakes that could cost you a job. I thought it would be helpful to pass on a few of those tips in order to prevent mistakes […]

We just completed a 360 evaluation with my co-workers and leaders. The purpose was to get feedback from colleagues to help us become better leaders. Several people who work with me were  asked to evaluate me on specific questions. The computerized program generates a profile […]

Students  are graduating from college and need a job. They have completed their education and have most likely accumulated debt. Now, it’s time to pay off those loans and enter the world of work.  So getting a good job is high on the graduate’s list. […]

Here’s a question you probably haven’t been asked since high school. How popular are you at your office or place of work? Hmmm…you are probably thinking, why does this even matter? Didn’t I leave all the drama behind when I […]

Think about your workplace? Are you excited to be there, happy to think about going to work each day, or simply enjoy your office environment? If you say YES, it could have to do with the people with whom you […]