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Like many of you, I  heard the very sad news that Pastor, Jarrid Wilson died by suicide last Monday. He left us shortly after he preached a funeral for a woman who also ended her life by suicide. It is all so …Read More

You are feeling down and your friend tells you, just think happy thoughts. Utter a few positive self-statements. Follow this with a happy meme and it will brighten your day. How many times have you turned on the TV or watched a …Read More

                                                                                …Read More

“You are nothing but a narcissist and I can’t take it anymore. The constant focus on self, the lack of empathy for my feelings, your need to be admired, thinking you are special…this relationship is making me feel like I am crazy. …Read More

I had to laugh as I watched the commercial. A woman and man were running towards each other just like you see in an old romantic movie. But as they get nearer and nearer, arms stretched out ready for an …Read More

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year if you struggle with addiction! There is a party everywhere and they usually include alcohol. So if you are trying to stay sober, it is a challenge. But there are things you …Read More

Do you expect good things to happen in your life? What about in your relationships? Expectations make a difference? When they are positive, it helps a relationship grow. When you don’t know what the expectations are, it causes problems. And …Read More

Jack and Jill are fighting again. Does this mean their relationship is going downhill? Not if you know that this is a common couple problem and that this issue has solutions. Intimate relationships can cause stress to the point of …Read More

This past week, the Carolinas were being slammed by the impact of hurricane Florence. As someone who lived on tidal water and knows the fright of these storms, especially  during high tide, I continue to pray for all who are impacted. During …Read More

I had a boss who would overthink every decision. Our office moved at the speed of molasses because of this. He had to look at every possible angle of every decision that was made. It drove us all crazy. He …Read More