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I want you to try something. Put a black dot on a white piece of paper. Now, look at the piece of paper and tell me what you see. Did you focus on that black dot in the center of …Read More

John called his parents one night and told them he was coming home from college. He couldn’t take the pressure and stress anymore. The college counselor said he was struggling with high anxiety. John’s parents were stunned. John had always …Read More

The other day at work, we were all doing a lot of complaining. Some days, complaining is easy and we focused on lots of problems-administrators not listening, too many meetings, co-workers that irritates us, too little time to get things …Read More

I had a boss who would overthink every decision. Our office moved at the speed of molasses because of this. He had to look at every possible angle of every decision that was made. It drove us all crazy. He …Read More

You may not realize that even though you can’t always control your initial reaction to fear, you can  control your response to perceived fear. The biochemical reaction to fear lasts about 90 seconds, after that you have a choice. But you have to identify …Read More

It was the beginning of a new day and all Ann could do was worry. From the moment her eyes were opened, her mind became filled with thoughts of, “What if…” When Ann feels worried, it would help her to talk …Read More

“I’m stressed out, tired, exhausted.” From moms to executives, these words reflect a growing state in which many women feel they live. Women in all walks of life are no exemption. Pouring our lives into others often leaves us feeling depleted …Read More

Is there a positive side of stress or a way to make stress work for you? We all know the negative side of stress-sleeplessness, weight gain, restlessness, forgetfulness, and in the worst cases, heart problems. But positive stress can push you …Read More