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How many times have you heard an entertainer talk about a difficult childhood and how music or acting seemed to be an outlet for coping? What does a difficult childhood do to a person as they grow? Childhood adversity is …Read More

If you’ve ever talked to a Navy Seal (I lived in Norfolk, VA., so yes, I have!), you will learn a lot about how they are taught to handle pressure in the most chaotic circumstances. There is much we can …Read More

Like many of you, I  heard the very sad news that Pastor, Jarrid Wilson died by suicide last Monday. He left us shortly after he preached a funeral for a woman who also ended her life by suicide. It is all so …Read More

You are feeling down and your friend tells you, just think happy thoughts. Utter a few positive self-statements. Follow this with a happy meme and it will brighten your day. How many times have you turned on the TV or watched a …Read More

I read two different headlines last week related to a new study about the genetics of sexual behavior. Both headlines referred to the same study-a landmark study conducted by an international team that examined the genomes of almost a half million people. The …Read More

          Several of my friends are taking their young adults to college this week. And they wonder, will my child be able to pursue truth or be indoctrinated by identity politics so rampant on our university …Read More

Three mass shootings in eight days. The latest marks the 251st mass shooting in 2019; more  than the number of days in this year. A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which at least four people are shot, …Read More

John regularly uses pornography. He wonders if he is addicted or is developing an addiction. The Head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Dr. Norma Volkow, supports the inclusion of sexual addictions, with pornography as a contributor to the larger …Read More

The flag is flying at half mast until noon. The cookout plans are being finalized. A parade may be starting down Main Street. Now it is time to visit the graves of those who have fallen. This is how we remember the men and women …Read More

This past weekend the NCAA announced the teams that would fill the March Madness brackets. For fun, I took a quiz in which I had to match the angry coach with the right team. Not surprisingly, I got most of them …Read More