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You take a selfie. Then you look at it and begin to edit– a new filter, better angle, crop here and there. Make your teeth look whiter, your lips bigger…OK now it is ready to publish.  No big deal except plastic surgeons […]

Brown University researchers published a study in August on PLOS ONE, a peer reviewed science journal. The study was about “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.” Rapid-onset gender dysphoria is when teens suddenly decide they identify with a transgendered identity for the first time during puberty […]

Why are we so anxious these days?Anxiety is the number one diagnosed mental health disorder in the world. In America, over 40 million of us have anxiety disorders. A new poll recently came out by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) […]

I just returned from a very needed vacation. I had no idea how much I needed to rest and reflect until I began to relax and engage in a little self-care. One of the best parts of my vacation was […]

A reader sent me this question, “I ask God to help me with my depression every day. Yet, I am still very depressed. What is wrong? We are body, soul and spirit. This means that sometimes we need to deal […]

Last Sunday morning I was listening to the sermon in church from the book of Numbers. I had this thought, “Have we Christians become a bunch of snowflakes?” Here is what led to that question. In Numbers 20 and 21, […]

Recently, I attended a conference on chronic pain and treatments. A woman in the audience made a passionate case for the use of marijuana for pain relief. Her source was friends who used it and reported that it helped. The conference leader, […]

Another week and another report of a celebrity suicide. In case you didn’t hear about it, celebrity chef and TV star, Anthony Bourdain, joined the growing numbers of people who take their lives by suicide. According to the CDC, suicide […]

I was stunned this week when I saw the headline. Kate Spade dead at age 55. This designer of the purse I carry to work every day, ended her what appeared to be successful life. And the age old question […]

We have a relative that we jokingly refer to as hypochondriac. She isn’t diagnosable. We just like to tease her when she begins to worry about her health.  I mean, everyone worries about their health now and then. But, we probably should not tease about this since […]