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          Several of my friends are taking their young adults to college this week. And they wonder, will my child be able to pursue truth or be indoctrinated by identity politics so rampant on our university […]

Three mass shootings in eight days. The latest marks the 251st mass shooting in 2019; more  than the number of days in this year. A mass shooting is defined as an incident in which at least four people are shot, […]

John regularly uses pornography. He wonders if he is addicted or is developing an addiction. The Head of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Dr. Norma Volkow, supports the inclusion of sexual addictions, with pornography as a contributor to the larger […]

The flag is flying at half mast until noon. The cookout plans are being finalized. A parade may be starting down Main Street. Now it is time to visit the graves of those who have fallen. This is how we remember the men and women […]

This past weekend the NCAA announced the teams that would fill the March Madness brackets. For fun, I took a quiz in which I had to match the angry coach with the right team. Not surprisingly, I got most of them […]

Jenna decided to quit her job because she disliked her boss and the company. But shortly after she quit, she couldn’t stop blaming herself for a poor decision. Every night, she ruminated on the mistake she made. How could she […]

The average American woman is 5’4″ and weighs 144 pounds. The average supermodel is 5’10” and weighs 110 pounds. Which of those images do you see every day plastered on social media, television, advertisements, and movies? You see the tall, […]

Do you ever feel like an imposter?  Do you think you don’t deserve your accomplishments? Do your worry your friends will think you are a fraud? Do you ever sense that you just don’t belong? Despite your accomplishments and effort, […]

The big game is over. Whether you liked the outcome or not, Tom Brady is one quarterback who stays calm under pressure. He has shown this over and over in his long football career. It may be 40 seconds to […]

Today we honor the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to American society. Of the many things he accomplished, he may be best known for promotion of non-violence during protests. And he certainly advocated love over hate. How […]