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Most of us know the importance of forgiveness, but how well do we do when it comes to forgiving ourselves? As important as forgiving others is, it is also true that self-forgiveness needs to be a part of forgiveness. So why […]

Like most of you, I was grieved over the horrific events of last week–bombs sent in the mail to politicians and a gunman killing innocent Jews gathering in their temple to name a baby. The worst of humanity was on […]

It’s easy to get lost in the stress of every day living and forget to activate our faith. We become consumed with circumstances and easily discouraged. We are not the first people to struggle with this. The biblical Israelites wandered the […]

It’s easy to feel down and discouraged when you go through a difficult time. Sometimes we feel no one really knows us well or cares about our life. We feel lost as we wade through deep waters. We forget God knows […]

A reader sent me this question, “I ask God to help me with my depression every day. Yet, I am still very depressed. What is wrong? We are body, soul and spirit. This means that sometimes we need to deal […]

Do you ever feel like you’ve hit a wall?’ It’s like a storm is raging all around you. You receive a bad health diagnosis, a relationship breaks up, your boss is impossible, the kids are acting out, your finances bring […]

A question often asked is, “Is there really only one way to God? Why is Jesus the only way? The Christian religion seems narrow and exclusive. Why can’t you just validate everyone’s religion as being equally valid?” This isn’t a new […]

Jenna was offered a job. She prayed and felt a peace about taking it. During her first few months, she began to notice a great deal of organizational dysfunction including a boss who was not so kind. Fear gripped Jenna. […]

If you have ever read the poem by Edgar Allan Poe,The Raven, then you familiar with the story of a distraught lover’s descent into despair. The raven, a bird that comes tapping on the chamber door of a grieving man, is famously quoted […]

HAPPY EASTER! It’s not often that we find Easter falling on April Fool’s Day, but there is something to be said about the biggest Fool’s Day of all. Yes, the day Jesus rose from the dead. Satan thought he had […]