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Highly sensitive people sometimes get a bad rap. If you are one of them, you typically feel and experience things more deeply than other people. You may have heard words like, “You are overreacting.”or “Really, that bothered you?””Come on, get a …Read More

It’s the worse feeling to be unmotivated! No one likes to be a slacker! “I know I should do better at my job, but I just don’t feel very motivated.” “My wife is bugging me to work on my anger and I know …Read More

Emotional intelligence (EI) involves  your ability to recognize, understand and mange your emotions. It  is a type of intelligence you want to grow in order to become more interpersonally effective. It helps you in all relationships. When you use your emotional intelligence, …Read More

The title of an article in The Atlantic caught my eye a few weeks ago, “Gossiping is good?” When I read the title I immediately thought of the biblical admonition to not gossip. Verses like, “A perverse person stirs up conflict, …Read More

My boss is an introvert. I am an extrovert. We are very different in our approaches to problems and life. For example, when there is conflict, I want to work it out immediately. I want to turn up the volume on …Read More

Some of you may remember Man of the Year, model citizen John Gacey. You can find a picture of him with then First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. He was well liked by his community. What people didn’t know about him was …Read More

When we were in Cozumel Mexico on a vacation with our children, our son wanted to buy a little trinket for a friend. He was browsing in the store and the shop owners were following him and talking about him …Read More

Its easy to complain about another person and much harder to work on ourselves. When you really think about what you can do to make a relationship better, it usually comes down to you making changes. So I’ve come up …Read More

Sometimes you just want that one or two adult friends who can do life with you. But finding those friends can be somewhat of a challenge given our busy lives. In fact, when people are asked, many will say they …Read More

Rachel has conflict every day. She takes conflict as a personal assault. Her thinking is rigid and emotions are not managed. She blames others and never cares if she harms people or acts in lawless ways. In fact, she is among the more than 70% of people with antisocial personality …Read More