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“Why is everyone interrupting each other at the dinner table? “This was my husband’s comment at his first holiday with my loud and opinionated family. Yes, we talk over each other and have lively conversation. But I didn’t even noticed because […]

“I have a headache. Do you think I should have it checked out? What if it is a brain tumor? I saw something on the internet that sounded like my symptoms and the person died. Should I go see my doctor?” […]

We all know how tough it is to parent teenagers in this technology driven world. There are a host of concerns that we have to navigate that are new to parenting. One of those concerns has to do with tracking our kids using […]

In my 30 years of working with people, I have seen the power of forgiveness set people free. An adult child who was sexually abused, a wife betrayed by a husband, a teen whose addicted father beat him, a parent […]

Show me a teen that isn’t on a device and well…is there such a thing? Most teens are on their devices more than they talk to live people. Is this simply annoying behavior to those of us trying to get their attention, […]

Here is a scary story about gaming. A 23-year-old male was engaged for 23 hours straight playing “League of Legends” in a Taiwan Internet cafe in 2012 He had a heart attack and died while playing. Apparently he had a […]

This Father’s Day, I am visiting my 97-year-old dad. He is hard of hearing, in a wheelchair but still clear in his mind. We are blessed! Despite the setbacks of aging, his mood is remarkably upbeat. He rarely complains and knows […]

Kirstin was being pressed to say, ‘Yes” to a dating proposal. She didn’t know why she struggled to make this basic commitment to date a really nice man in her singles class at church. She wants to eventually get married and […]

Mother’s Day has been with us since 1914! But I had no idea the holiday was so controversial in its history. It actually had roots as a  Christian festival  known as Mothering Sunday. It fell on the 4th Sunday in lent and was […]

There are times in our lives when we are more prone to anxiety and depression. For women, one of those times can be after the birth of a child and the early years of parenting. Life changes is such substantial […]