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Parents want to raise confident, well adjusted children that create a good life, love God and do good things. But if we aren’t careful,  there are things we can do to prevent this process from happening. First and foremost, stop reinforcing …Read More

Caution: The baby is this photo is politically incorrect. Her gender is stereotyped in pink. Stories now abound in the news about parents who” bravely” decide to raise their children gender neutral. They don’t reveal the gender of their child to …Read More

What happens to you in childhood matters. It doesn’t determine your life course, but does influence it. Adverse childhood experiences can derail you in adult life if you aren’t aware and learn new ways to respond. One adverse childhood experience …Read More

Its easy to complain about another person and much harder to work on ourselves. When you really think about what you can do to make a relationship better, it usually comes down to you making changes. So I’ve come up …Read More

Rachel has conflict every day. She takes conflict as a personal assault. Her thinking is rigid and emotions are not managed. She blames others and never cares if she harms people or acts in lawless ways. In fact, she is among the more than 70% of people with antisocial personality …Read More

Teen mental health is of great concern today. Smartphones and social media have shaped a generation in ways we are just beginning to understand. While we may see a positive benefit like a decline in sexual activity among teens because device use has …Read More

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “He/she is emotionally abusive,” but what does that really mean? Just because someone is negative or says things you don’t like, doesn’t mean they are emotionally abusive. If you hurt because of a …Read More

“I’ve asked my ex spouse to please pick up the kids at the house at 6:00 for the weekend, but he doesn’t follow through.” “She says she will have the children ready for their visit, but they aren’t ready.” ” …Read More

Mother’s Day is almost here. Are you dreading it or looking forward to it? All over this county, moms will be receiving flowers, candy and going out to dinner. There will be special celebrations and multiple ways to honor our …Read More

Student doctors get all excited when a patient tells them he or she wants to stop drinking or using drugs. Of course, we all like to hear that news. But what they don’t realize early in their training is that …Read More