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Are you looking at your nineteen-year-old and wondering when he will start “adulting?” He needs to wash his own sheets and go to bed before 11:00p.m.! And he definitely needs a full time job. You think, will he will ever […]

We all know the child who can’t sit still, is impulsive and easily distracted. And we repeatedly hear that the numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD continues to rise. As we think about why this is so, have we considered the […]

We all make mistakes, right? Marital arts guru Bruce Lee once said,“Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” When you admit mistakes, you can learn from them. As we begin the new year, maybe we […]

If you are already tired of holiday songs, something has gone wrong. Maybe you need to regroup and think about ways to keep Christmas joy going. We are only at the beginning of the season! So, get a little introspective and  make […]

At the end of this week, I will lay my dad to rest in his beloved small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. His almost 98 years on this earth came to a close last week as he breathed […]

John and Sue have never had a conversation regarding their relationship expectations. This came to a head when Sue admitted she was disappointed in the way their relationship was going and was considering ending it. John was shocked and had […]

Every year around this time, I am asked by media to talk about how difficult it is to be with family. Getting together over a holiday with family members who don’t get along most of the year can be stressful. […]

“Why is everyone interrupting each other at the dinner table? “This was my husband’s comment at his first holiday with my loud and opinionated family. Yes, we talk over each other and have lively conversation. But I didn’t even noticed because […]

“I have a headache. Do you think I should have it checked out? What if it is a brain tumor? I saw something on the internet that sounded like my symptoms and the person died. Should I go see my doctor?” […]

We all know how tough it is to parent teenagers in this technology driven world. There are a host of concerns that we have to navigate that are new to parenting. One of those concerns has to do with tracking our kids using […]