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“I’ve asked my ex spouse to please pick up the kids at the house at 6:00 for the weekend, but he doesn’t follow through.” “She says she will have the children ready for their visit, but they aren’t ready.” ” […]

Mother’s Day is almost here. Are you dreading it or looking forward to it? All over this county, moms will be receiving flowers, candy and going out to dinner. There will be special celebrations and multiple ways to honor our […]

Student doctors get all excited when a patient tells them he or she wants to stop drinking or using drugs. Of course, we all like to hear that news. But what they don’t realize early in their training is that […]

Something is really bothering you. So you complain. Complaints are about the difference we see between our expectations and reality. We expect something and then it doesn’t come true. But does complaining really help? After all, it is  easy to complain and it comes naturally […]

Co-dependency can hurt  your sense of self and ruin your relationships. Not sure if that is you, keep reading. If you say yes to these questions, you have some work to do. Are you constantly putting the needs of other before yours? Is […]

Living with someone with borderline personality disorder is not easy. “One minute I am her best friend and the next, she won’t talk to me. Everything is a crisis or a conflict. And I am wondering if I should even […]

Shooting drills are now part of most public schools. Similar to when, as children, we practiced tornado drills, these exercises have become routine. Some public school students have been participating in these drills since their grade school years. Often the drills are […]

Parents, are you living vicariously through your children? Do you want them to fulfill your unfilled ambitions? Maybe you feel like a  friend of mine who said, “I want to give my children the life I never had.” It’s a caring sentiment, […]

Are you looking at your nineteen-year-old and wondering when he will start “adulting?” He needs to wash his own sheets and go to bed before 11:00p.m.! And he definitely needs a full time job. You think, will he will ever […]

We all know the child who can’t sit still, is impulsive and easily distracted. And we repeatedly hear that the numbers of children diagnosed with ADHD continues to rise. As we think about why this is so, have we considered the […]