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“I love my partner. We are happy, but I am cheating on him.” This statement makes no sense to most of us. People who cheat are in bad marriages, right? Well, not necessarily. Yes, a bad marriage can be incentive […]

Are you growing apart? There are markers to indicate if this is the case. I recently watched a couple at a restaurant. They never spoke or interacted. One of them was on texting through most of the dinner. They looked extremely unhappy, bored […]

“He forgets to pick up the groceries. He loses his keys all the time. I watch the budget or he will spend without thinking. Yes, I am frustrated because it seems like he could just try harder. If he cared about […]

It’s not uncommon to hear someone say, “He/she is emotionally abusive,” but what does that really mean? Just because someone is negative or says things you don’t like, doesn’t mean they are emotionally abusive. If you hurt because of a […]

Jan repeatedly asks her husband not to leave his briefcase by the bedroom door. But every day when he comes home, he drops it right where she said not to. So she repeats the request. He agrees he won’t do […]

Student doctors get all excited when a patient tells them he or she wants to stop drinking or using drugs. Of course, we all like to hear that news. But what they don’t realize early in their training is that […]

Something is really bothering you. So you complain. Complaints are about the difference we see between our expectations and reality. We expect something and then it doesn’t come true. But does complaining really help? After all, it is  easy to complain and it comes naturally […]

Most of you won’t remember the old Newlywed Game that aired on television years ago. The goal of the game was to win by guessing your spouse’s right answer to a number of questions. If you matched answers, you could […]

When Mike and Jan sat in my office for couples counseling, I knew they were on a slippery slope. They were doing the one thing marriages can’t tolerate. Jan rolled her eyes every time Mike brought up a complaint and responded, […]

Co-dependency can hurt  your sense of self and ruin your relationships. Not sure if that is you, keep reading. If you say yes to these questions, you have some work to do. Are you constantly putting the needs of other before yours? Is […]