Doing Life Together

It is rare that a trained academic who speaks passionately to the heart of people providing real answers to real life problems and in a relatable style. Dr. Linda’s fun personality comes through whether she’s helping her audiences prevent a divorce or make peace with their thighs!

Dr. Linda Mintle is a national expert on the psychology of food, weight and body image and relationships. With years of clinical experience in weight loss and eating disorders, she is uniquely qualified to bring sensibility and real help to anyone struggling with weight, eating and body image. Her latest book, Press Pause Before You Eat explores how to say goodbye to mindless eating and hello to the joy of eating.

Dr. Linda is a best selling author, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award, a national news consultant and blogger and hosts her own website. Her academic appointment at Eastern Virginia Medical School keeps her abreast of current research in her areas of expertise. Her media experience includes seven years as the resident expert for ABC Family’s Living the Life television show and regular appearances on network television and radio. Her current assignment as a national news consultant allows her to comment on mental health issues in the news. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed clinical social worker, she brings 25 years of clinical experience to every day living.

It is often said that being with Dr. Linda is like having coffee with a friend. She makes the complicated issues of relationships and mental health easy to understand and applicable to every day living. The ease she has with people, coupled with her clinical training and experience makes her a sought after speaker on college campuses, at conferences and special events. Whether she is doing a TV skit with Tim Conway or discussing teen violence with Queen Latifa, Dr. Linda will entertain, educate and help you with Real Life. Real Answers.

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