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Ways to cope with suicidal thoughts Remember that while it may seem as if these suicidal thoughts and feelings will never end, this is never a permanent condition. You WILL feel better again. In the meantime, there are some ways …Read More

Coping with suicidal thoughts: the first steps You’re not alone. Feeling suicidal doesn’t mean you’re flawed, crazy, or broken. It means you have more pain than you can cope with right now. Step #1: Promise not to do anything right …Read More

Are you feeling suicidal? Do you have someone to turn to or talk with about your feelings? You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. You can live past this unbearable moment you’re in. This week I’m focusing my articles on suicide. …Read More

For someone spinning out of control because of a mental health issue, the idea of commitment may need to be considered. But involuntary commitment is controversial. It takes away a person’s right. It can cause more harm. It doesn’t always …Read More

Half of life promotion for youth suicides is getting your community involved in helping marginalized youth. Why help marginalized youth? Being marginalized or discriminated against increases youth suicides. Every person should have an equal opportunity to live a healthy life. But that isn’t …Read More

What is life promotion and how does it reduce youth suicides? Life promotion for youth is a new approach to preventing youth suicides. Youth life promotion is based on the belief that all young people are capable of finding their own …Read More

  Self care is good all year long, not just during the holidays. It’s always important to stop and listen to your own needs. But self care falls by the side of our lives too many times. So to remind you …Read More

  Myths about depression create needless pain and confusion. Myths about depression can keep people from asking for help or getting proper treatment.  You start blaming yourself as if it’s somehow your fault you’re depressed. Fear about being locked up or put away …Read More

Why don’t people who are suicidal seek help when in crisis? It’s a good question. One group of people who usually won’t ask for help are men. There are several reasons of course, but it all boils down to stigma. Stigma …Read More

Hope starts with you when dealing with depression. Jasmin Pierre is using her experience with severe depression to give others hope. Jasmin ended up in hospital after self-injuring. While in hospital, Jasmin was told by staff that God saved her …Read More