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  Hormones play a role in depression, but hormones don’t account for all the differences between male vs female depression. The differences between male vs female depression could also be cultural factors – what society expects of a man compared …Read More

  Trying to explain why you attempted suicide is one of the hardest things you may do. You can’t really explain your actions, except that you were in so much pain. So you endure the new onslaught of negativity. You were selfish. …Read More

  Now that Christmas and New Year’s is over, many suicide survivors are breathing a sigh of relief. That’s because holidays are a time when the loss of a loved one to suicide is painfully put in your face. Everyone …Read More

“Wake up. Listen to the silent cries. The woman too emotional or the guy who just got fired.” The following video was created by a young poet. Her poetry eloquently describes what it’s like to be young and depressed. And …Read More

I wrote an article about Barbara Swanston  3 years ago. Barbara Swanston is a suicide awareness advocate. What she does is as relevant and important today as it was then when it comes to dealing with the suicide of a loved …Read More

When you find out that a loved one had attempted suicide, you may feel overwhelmed with questions. Why didn’t they come to me? What did I miss? And most perplexing, What do I do now? The Lifeline asked people to …Read More

reposted from an earlier article  by Terezia Farkas “Warning Signs Of a Suicide” Warning Signs of Suicide Any one of these are warning signs of suicide. Even if the person hasn’t seriously contemplated suicide, these symptoms may signal a cry for …Read More

  The Storybook Project. Share your story of suicide and help someone. What is the Storybook project? The Story book project wants to break stigma about suicide. The Story book is about people whose lives have been touched by suicide. It is …Read More

Growing up, most of us aren’t taught to look out for signs of depression. So if you’re experiencing it, especially as a teenager, it’s easy to think there’s just something wrong with you — and it’s easy for parents and other adults …Read More

The Buddy Project. Making Friendships and saving lives, one buddy at a time. Buddy Project is a movement created by youth to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing young people as buddies. The Buddy Project focuses on children, teens and young …Read More