Travel and depression is the idea that somehow new settings will cure depression. It doesn’t work that way. Travel and depression won’t cure you. It’s a nice idea, but the truth is travel is often a stressful experience that aggravates anxiety and depression. Travel is not a cure. Fleeing to avoid uncomfortable situations is to…

Depression talk is as important as breathing air Depression talk is necessary for healing the person and people around that person. It’s important for breaking stigma. Because if stigma continues, healing is forever put on the back burner. For too long, depression was a taboo subject. It wasn’t polite to say ‘depressed’ because that meant the…

Depression symptoms in a person aren’t always obvious. Sometimes depression symptoms are overlooked as part of other medical conditions. Other times depression symptoms are missed because the person hides the pain. Here are 5 depression symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. 1. Trouble sleeping. Sleep is a big problem for someone depressed. Negative thoughts about self keeps a person awake…

  BroMatters is a project designed to help men suffering from depression. It’s about healthy minds for working men. Men who suffer depression can find it especially difficult to identify, talk about and seek treatment for depression due to stigma and common stereotype-enforced views of masculinity. BroMatters in Canada It’s because of this that BroMatters was…

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas is an international bestselling author in depression and grief. Terezia is a reiki master, psychic medium, and certified channeller.
Visit Terezia Farkas on Twitter @tereziafarkas
Alberta Lt. Governor Circle on Mental Health and Addictions award.
Bell Let's Talk Social Media Ambassador 2017.
CAMH (Canadian Addictions and Mental Health) 150 Difference Makers nominee.
2014 Global Crisis of Depression Summit at Kings Place in London on November 25, 2014, which included speakers Kofi A Anan, the 7th former Secretary General of the UN.

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