Depression and anxiety can affect anyone. Even famous people suffer depression or anxiety. It’s important that you reach out for help. Talk to someone. Tell someone you trust how you’re feeling. Don’t be ashamed, embarrassed or afraid. There are others out there suffering from depression. Maybe not the same way as you are, but that’s…

It’s easy to forget how important goal setting is to self improvement. You can have lofty ambitions for changing or improving who you are, but if you don’t begin the journey with one step and then break it down into smaller plans, the journey might seem impossible. Goal setting: The reason goal setting works as…

reposted from an earlier article  by Terezia Farkas “Warning Signs Of a Suicide” Warning Signs of Suicide Any one of these are warning signs of suicide. Even if the person hasn’t seriously contemplated suicide, these symptoms may signal a cry for help: Verbal suicide threats such as, “You’d be better off without me.” or “Maybe I…

  The Storybook Project. Share your story of suicide and help someone. What is the Storybook project? The Story book project wants to break stigma about suicide. The Story book is about people whose lives have been touched by suicide. It is stories of people who attempted suicide and chose to live, and people whose loved ones…

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas

Terezia Farkas is an international bestselling author in depression and grief. Terezia is a reiki master, psychic medium, and certified channeller.
Visit Terezia Farkas on Twitter @tereziafarkas
Alberta Lt. Governor Circle on Mental Health and Addictions award.
Bell Let's Talk Social Media Ambassador 2017.
CAMH (Canadian Addictions and Mental Health) 150 Difference Makers nominee.
2014 Global Crisis of Depression Summit at Kings Place in London on November 25, 2014, which included speakers Kofi A Anan, the 7th former Secretary General of the UN.

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