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Edward Bach was a medical doctor and one of the earliest homeopaths at the beginning of the twentieth century.  Disillusioned by modern medicine, he believed that a holistic approach was needed to treat illness. Illness, he suggested, was a message from our inner being calling for a change in our way of living and our mental outlook. Over time,  he discovered flower remedies which became a system of emotional healing.

Bach discovered a system of 38 flower remedies which bring the body back into balance. The flower remedies can be used with medication and other treatments. 

Following are Bach’s flower remedies for depression.  


Elm works on the emotional response of being overwhelmed. When you loose confidence, are feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, anxious, or depressed. Elm has a healing, soothing effect and is part of the second nineteen. 


When you feel pessimistic, are easily discouraged, or have lost faith.  Gentian is used for depression caused by a setback, or when a person knows the reason for his or her sadness. Gentin brings in the power of the sun and is one of the twelve healers, which are associated with personality types.


When you feel extreme hopelessness and despair, gorse may be helpful. It’s for someone who has suffered lots and lost courage. They have been told nothing can be done, that they are past all medical help. Gorse brings in the energy of the sun. Gorse is one of the seven helpers in Bach’s flower essences.


Mustard is used for deep sadness, meloncholy, gloom that seems to have no reason. It feels like a dark cloud has blocked out happiness and joy. Mustard is part of the second nineteen essences. 

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