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People have been going a little bit nuts in the comments lately, so it seems a good time to refer newer readers to these guidelines, which I first posted after Easter. Please note: comments that are anti-Catholic — or, more broadly, anti-religion …Read More

Well, check out this item, about author and humorist Deacon Tom Sheridan: A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar. And the bartender says, “What is this, a joke?” Yes, it is just a joke — and …Read More

“I grow old… I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled…” — TS Eliot, “Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock” Yeah, I hear you, Alfred. The other day, I decided to try out a new barber shop.  A nice young Greek …Read More

I know I do. Below, another of those “spontaneous” dance explosions that pop up from time to time in train stations or public thoroughfares. This one is from Ohio. H/T Concord Pastor. Don’t stop believing!     

It could one day happen, if a German Lutheran bishop has anything to say about it. Take a look: A German Protestant bishop has urged Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches to draw up a joint declaration on their shared beliefs …Read More

Or so it seems, according to a new poll just released: Support for the Roman Catholic Church has risen in Poland, a survey showed on Tuesday, despite child sexual abuse scandals that have badly eroded its authority and reputation in …Read More

The name Mandy Smith may not ring many bells these days — but her teenage fling (and subsequent marriage) to Rolling Stone Bill Wyman made headlines decades ago. Now she’s set her life on a decidedly different course: Many people …Read More

The sex abuse scandal in the Catholic world may be sending out ripples to other faiths, according to AFP: Publicity around paedophilia in the Catholic Church has prompted victims of sexual abuse in Finland’s Evangelical Lutheran Church to speak out, …Read More

Over at the Times, Maureen Dowd is resting this sabbath, and so her colleague Nicholas Kristof picks up where she left off, with a litany of complaints about the all-male hierarchy. Then, near the end, he offers this tribute to …Read More