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In a curious twist, a bishop who made headlines over abuse allegations, and quit, is now having second thoughts: A former German bishop said Wednesday his peers in the Roman Catholic church pressured him into resigning over abuse allegations and […]

“The crisis of authority endures. There has been some accountability for the abusers, but not nearly enough for the bishops who enabled them. And now the shadow of past sins threatens to engulf this papacy. Popes do not resign. But […]

The news that Pope John Paul evidently engaged in self-mortification — whipping himself as a form of penance — has sparked some curiosity about this ancient practice. The BBC has some background: Flagellation is the beating or whipping of the […]

As in Benedict the Pope, who is reportedly headed to England next year: Pope Benedict XVI is to visit Britain in 2010, the BBC has learned. It will be the first papal visit to Britain since 1982, when Pope John […]

The celebrated rocker knows his way around the Vatican, and he’s no stranger to papal audiences (see the photo above.) And a report indicates may meet with John Paul’s successor later this year: Bono has been invited to meet with […]

Every time I see this picture, of Karol Wojtyla, I’m struck by the family resemblance. My father looked like that. And his father before him — a man who worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania along with countless other […]

The pope had some warm words recently for a TV film about one of his favorite saints: Pope Benedict XVI praised a made-for-television movie dedicated to St. Augustine, saying the two-part miniseries “represents every aspect of the human life experience […]

Most people might not consider Pope Benedict a Great Communicator, on a par with his predecessor Pope John Paul. But as John Thavis at CNS notes, the pontiff has a deeper understanding of the media and communications, and even mentioned […]

Those of you waiting for your personally autographed copy of the latest encyclical may have to wait a while. This just in, from the hills of northern Italy: Pope Benedict XVI has suffered a small fracture to his wrist after […]

Those are the two words used by the Vatican to describe the meeting between President Obama and Pope Benedict. NCR’s John Allen has details: When President Barack Obama came calling on Pope Benedict XVI today, the two men enjoyed a […]