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The remarkable story of Dr. Rich Meehan and his work among the poor in Los Angles deserves to be heard by a wider audience — especially now that he is hanging up his latex gloves and devoting his time to …Read More

From the In My Backyard Desk…an inspiring story of evangelization: What I found while teaching a Called & Gifted workshop in Brooklyn last week is absolutely unique. I’ve worked in hundreds of Catholic parishes in 100 dioceses on 5 continents …Read More

Seminarians spend part of their formation practicing just how to do the sacraments — everything from consecrating the eucharist to reconciliation. Recently, Long Island Catholic dropped in on one unusual rehearsal that actually involved a large number of parishioners: It …Read More

The City of Churches will soon have fewer of them.  From the In My Backyard Desk, another sign of the times: Facing a drop in attendance and a shortage of priests, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn plans to close …Read More

Andrew Sullivan has posted this letter from a Catholic mother: My husband and I are raising our sons in the Catholic Church. We are active in my church, I teach religious education, we perform corporeal works of mercy with our …Read More

Leave it to Msgr. Charles Pope, in the Archdiocese of Washington, to frame the ongoing story of parish closings in a way we rarely consider it: One of my own frustrations with the closing of large numbers of parishes is …Read More

Some interesting developments in Wisconsin are leading to a conflict between parishioners and their bishop — and it’s having a financial impact: St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Platteville, stung by a plunge in donations following the arrival of three controversial …Read More

A posting on a church bulletin board has now become a case for the courts: A 31-year-old woman who placed an ad for a Christian roommate on her church bulletin board has been charged with housing discrimination. The Alliance Defense …Read More

This commentary in the Los Angeles Times suggests that young people are being turned off by churches that seem to embrace conservative politics: The most rapidly growing religious category today is composed of those Americans who say they have no …Read More

Well, it was in 1891. But this clip from the Brooklyn Eagle (thanks to Pat McNamara!) offers a fascinating glimpse at the way we were: On the Tuesday after the beginning of the week’s exercises the missionaries commenced to hear …Read More