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From the In My Backyard Desk…an inspiring story of evangelization: What I found while teaching a Called & Gifted workshop in Brooklyn last week is absolutely unique. I’ve worked in hundreds of Catholic parishes in 100 dioceses on 5 continents …Read More

An important new Vatican office was announced today — but not without what might be considered an embarrassing hitch. Details: Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday outlined his most tangible initiative yet to try to revive Christianity, creating a Vatican office …Read More

A comment at this thread, I think, deserves a wider airing.   (I’m closing off comments here, because I think this speaks for itself.) A reader writes: Just reading this comment thread makes me feel ill to my stomach. I was …Read More

My siblings in Catholic media, Catholic TV in Boston, are taking the New Evangelization into another dimension: Avatars and Mad Hatters are already performing before American audiences in 3-D, and Shrek is coming soon. Now, a national Catholic television network …Read More

This is really delightful — and on a local news station, no less. Enjoy. H/T The A.

Thomas Peters broke the story yesterday, with the snapshot above: Oprah ( no last name necessary) is interviewing a group of sisters, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, for her TV show next week.   The Anchoress ( …Read More

This is a terrific primer on church communications that every parish, and every diocese (and every papacy) should study, courtesy Archbishop Raymundo Damasceno, from Brazil. John Allen has the scoop: 1. Overcome the idea that the means of communications are …Read More

This very fine essay by Joseph Michalak in the Catholic Spirit (the Archdiocesan paper of St. Paul/Minneapolis) offers a thoughtful and inspiring look at what it means to be a deacon: Whenever I tell people I work in the Office …Read More

Parishes have been registering people the same way since, well, forever. But the people over at Aggie Catholic have stumbled on a 21st century solution to a 1st century problem: how to keep track of everyone. Take a look: As …Read More

And in a big way. A lot of you have seen the great ads produced by a group called Catholics Come Home. The ads, evidently, are working. And spreading. From the Los Angeles Times: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento …Read More