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Listen to one of the modern era’s greatest preachers. H/T New Advent

“Preaching is about saving before it is about consoling, and God makes this clear to Ezekiel and to every preacher. I think a lot of people think that preaching is supposed to merely please and encourage them. There is a […]

Is this really such a good idea? If you are attending Lambeg Parish Church in Lisburn this weekend, bring a cushion. Parishioners at the church will have the opportunity to sit through their rector’s attempt to break a UK record […]

They are an exotic, quirky breed. Now the New York Times offers this look at some of them: The graffiti has been replaced by advertising. The tokens have been replaced by MetroCards. But the subway preachers are a constant. They […]

“If anyone ever compliments me and says, ‘Gee, that was a good homily,’ I learned a long time ago never to ask them why because I get so depressed. I worked so hard on this and I expect them to […]

Did you hear the one about the people who are trying to find humor in ministry? Check it out: Can you say the word “breast” in a sermon? If so, how often? When trying to keep a congregation’s attention during […]

If you wonder how a preacher goes about his (or her) job, take a look: Pastors take great care to craft sermons they hope will inspire their congregations. Many spend hours each week thinking, researching and writing. When the Rev. […]

If you wonder why churches cannot endorse political candidates, Chuck Colson explains — and explains what some preachers may be doing about it this Sunday: In 1954, then-Senator Lyndon Johnson was in the middle of a particularly bruising re-election battle. […]

Looking for a little musical inspiration for approaching this Sunday’s scriptures? This song, by Bob Dylan, in a haunting interpretation by Tom Jones, says it. Sing it, Tom.

That’s the question posed to Fr. Z., who offers this response: I think the pastor does have a certain measure of control over what you preach. He is the pastor, even if he is an heterodox jackass. The pastor, parish […]