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Listen to one of the modern era’s greatest preachers. H/T New Advent

“Preaching is about saving before it is about consoling, and God makes this clear to Ezekiel and to every preacher. I think a lot of people think that preaching is supposed to merely please and encourage them. There is a …Read More

Is this really such a good idea? If you are attending Lambeg Parish Church in Lisburn this weekend, bring a cushion. Parishioners at the church will have the opportunity to sit through their rector’s attempt to break a UK record …Read More

They are an exotic, quirky breed. Now the New York Times offers this look at some of them: The graffiti has been replaced by advertising. The tokens have been replaced by MetroCards. But the subway preachers are a constant. They …Read More

“If anyone ever compliments me and says, ‘Gee, that was a good homily,’ I learned a long time ago never to ask them why because I get so depressed. I worked so hard on this and I expect them to …Read More

Did you hear the one about the people who are trying to find humor in ministry? Check it out: Can you say the word “breast” in a sermon? If so, how often? When trying to keep a congregation’s attention during …Read More

If you wonder how a preacher goes about his (or her) job, take a look: Pastors take great care to craft sermons they hope will inspire their congregations. Many spend hours each week thinking, researching and writing. When the Rev. …Read More

If you wonder why churches cannot endorse political candidates, Chuck Colson explains — and explains what some preachers may be doing about it this Sunday: In 1954, then-Senator Lyndon Johnson was in the middle of a particularly bruising re-election battle. …Read More

Looking for a little musical inspiration for approaching this Sunday’s scriptures? This song, by Bob Dylan, in a haunting interpretation by Tom Jones, says it. Sing it, Tom.

That’s the question posed to Fr. Z., who offers this response: I think the pastor does have a certain measure of control over what you preach. He is the pastor, even if he is an heterodox jackass. The pastor, parish …Read More