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An unusual project in Switzerland reported some news this week: An unwanted baby has been left at a hospital in Einsiedeln. The foundling is the sixth in the nearly ten-year history of the baby window, which is unique in Switzerland. …Read More

Details: The husband behind the BirthOrNot web site that caused an international controversy over a vote on an abortion has now admitted the web site was a hoax. Pete and Alisha Arnold put up the web site under the claim …Read More

By now you may have heard about this couple inviting people to vote online whether or not they should have an abortion. Blogger Jill Stanek smells something fishy: A pregnant married couple is taking votes whether to abort their baby …Read More

The former president is back in the public eye again, with a new book and a headline-making interview with Matt Lauer that includes, among other things, some personal insight into his political beliefs: The most startling anecdote he shared was …Read More

November is National Black Catholic History Month and, as part of our coverage, “Currents” attended a conference on Long Island focusing on the issue of blacks and abortion. A phenomenal number of black pregnancies end in abortion — as many …Read More

That is one message that is often lost during Respect Life month, and the USCCB is bringing it to the forefront as October comes to an end: As the 2010 edition of Respect Life Month drew to a close, the …Read More

From St. Louis comes this powerful story about the woman coordinating that city’s 40 Days for Life campaign: Maria Thompson was a teenager when she became pregnant. The 18-year-old was living in Mexico City. The father, 11 years older than …Read More

A friend from Albany sent this my way, and thought it was worth noting at the close of Respect Life month. It’s a wonderful testament to the gift of life — all life. At a time when 90% of Down …Read More

So say Poland’s Catholic bishops in a letter obtained by Reuters: Bishops of Poland’s influential Roman Catholic Church have branded in vitro fertilization (IVF) “the younger sister of eugenics” in a letter aimed at swaying lawmakers ahead of a parliamentary …Read More

Everybody loved her on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” (which starred some guy from my parish in Forest Hills). And now there’s even more reasons to admire and appreciate Patricia Heaton: Actress Patricia Heaton is well-known for playing a harried-but-loving wife and …Read More