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‘Tis the season for First Communions and Confirmations — and a parish in California may well have one of the largest First Communion classes anywhere.  How’s THIS for feeding the multitude?   From Catholic San Francisco: Saturday morning first Communion …Read More

That’s the title of a stem-winder of a rant that is must reading for anyone involved in parish life. It was prompted by this post, wherein the blogger notes a sad state of affairs: Lately I’ve taken to reading the …Read More

Here’s one answer, from my parish in Queens. It’s part of our annual stewardship drive, and this video is being shown Sunday at all the masses. Kudos to one of our trustees, Roger Aguinaldo, who shot and produced it. (Shameless …Read More

One American diocese is having what sounds like the world’s biggest church garage sale:  The scattering of sacred and religious artifacts from parishes closed by the Cleveland Catholic Diocese is under way. The diocese’s online liquidator is advertising hundreds of …Read More

An archdiocese that for generations had one of the most vibrant and celebrated Catholic populations in America is about to set a surprising precedent. From the Boston Globe: The Archdiocese of Boston, facing a growing shortage of priests but reluctant …Read More

You may recall last week’s story about a woman who charged that she was ordered to leave church over the Obama signs on her car. Now the priest at the center of the storm has two words to add: I’m …Read More

New Orleans has now joined Boston as an American city where parishioners have moved into churches and are refusing to leave, to keep them from being shuttered. From USA TODAY: Parishioners occupying two Catholic churches in defiance of closure orders …Read More

Yep. Hard to believe, but true. At a time when Catholic schools are closing, are raising tuition to levels many parents can’t afford, one school in Pennsylvania is bucking the trend. It’s free. From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: When the Rev. …Read More

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s dispiriting news about the way Cardinal Egan is reassigning priests in his archdiocese, we have this word that someone is coughing up money — a LOT of money — to save a church: An …Read More

Another diocese is making some hard choices about closing parishes — but seems to have found an innovative way of handling it that may keep most churches open: The number of parishes in the Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse …Read More