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Young mother to the deacon: “My mother told me you can’t bring a baby to Mass until it’s been baptized. Is that true??”

This was conveyed to me today by the parishioner in the story, who wanted to know if I’d heard about it. It was concerning my homily last weekend. Knowing the priest involved, I thought this was hysterical — and typical: …Read More

Actually, this happened one Sunday, after mass, outside the church. Parishioner (to Deacon), while shaking his hand: Nice sermon, Father! I always like what you have to say. We need more people like you. You and Bill O’Reilly. You two …Read More

Once again, the subject is baptisms. Caller: We have people from overseas visiting and I’d like to have our baby baptized while they’re here. Do you have any room in October? Deacon: Actually, no. October is booked solid. We try …Read More

I’m starting a new category here at The Bench: “Overheard in the rectory.” Because some of this stuff is just, well, incredible. My first installment, from a phone conversation this afternoon. Caller: “Hello, Deacon. I’m having my baby baptized at …Read More